Custom Bathroom Tile

Shadows Flooring Prescott AZ Bathroom TileDo you want to update your old bathroom or shower? There is no better way than replacing that old flooring and shower tile. In the long run, bathroom remodels have the highest return on your investment in years to come if you ever intent to sell your home.  

Hire an experienced installer

Professional installation is a must. If you have ever completed a remodeling project, you know the hassles of getting things done just right, when it isn’t your eyes seem constantly be drawn to that spot. A professional flooring and tile installer has the experience to avoid these little annoyances and ensure that professional look.  

Choosing the right tile

When choosing the new tile for your bathroom project, it is a good idea to contact an installer right away to get an estimate on the amount of tile you will need. With many corners and cut outs, you may have to get extra. Seeking the advice of a professional before you start will reduce issues later.  

Out with the old, in with the new

It is just as important that the surface is correctly prepped as it is how the new product is installed. Removal of the old tile and surface prep is a large cost factor of any project, this is why we have invested in special equipment to help reduce the time.

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, let’s make it beautiful, contact us today!