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Do you need professional flooring installation in Prescott? To get the most life out of the products you choose, you must have it installed correctly, the results of which will be walked on for years to come. An incorrectly installed floor will haunt you for as long as it exists.


Experienced with all types of flooring

When choosing a flooring company, you should ensure they can provide you with the results you deserve, and the quality you expect. Shadows Flooring is has experience with all types of flooring and we offer free estimates for all your residential and commercial flooring needs.


Before selecting your new flooring

When purchasing any flooring products, be sure to talk with a professional first about the type, what the intended use is, and how much you need. Contacting us during the first steps of your decision will reduce complications that may arise in the future.


Out with the old, in with the new

It is just as important that the surface is correctly prepped as it is how the new product is installed. Removal of the old flooring and surface prep is a large cost factor of any project, this is why we have invested in special equipment to help reduce the time.

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