Types of Flooring


Hardwood Flooring

This is any flooring that is milled from a single piece of timber. Some of the common types of wood used for flooring include Oak, Walnut, Maple and Hickory.

Pros: Extremely durable, floor can be sanded and refinished many times during it’s lifetime. Easy to clean and very wear resistant. Give a house a very earthy, yet luxurious feel. Cons: This is one of the more expensive flooring choices. Very labor intensive to install. Does not retain heat nor dampen noise. Wood may shrink and expand based on season, temperature and humidity.


Shadows Flooring Prescott AZ Hardwood Flooring
Shadows Flooring Prescott AZ Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

This is a newer style of flooring and is composed on a synthetic material that simulates wood or stone, which is then laminated. Pergo is one of the higher quality laminate floors.

Pros: Extremely simple installation due to a tongue and groove system for locking them into place. Eliminates the need for adhesive. Stain resistant, easy to replace and easy to clean. Cons: Hard underfoot. Because it is synthetic it cannot be sanded or refinished. Sometimes slippery when wet. Shows scuff marks.


Tile Flooring and Wall Finishes

Tile has been used for centuries to provide a durable coated surface that is hygienic and easy to clean and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Pros: Strong, durable, wide range of designs, colors, texture. Stain resistant, easily cleaned and easily sterilized. Cons: Grout can attract stains and be difficult to clean. Rigid and hard underfoot and can be chilly on the feet. Most brittle items (glass, china) will break if dropped on a tile surface.


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