Flooring Removal

 If you are considering a new floor, removing the old flooring can be a back breaking job, this increases the costs of many remodeling projects. Shadows Flooring has a solution.

We have invested in a machine to save our backs and your wallet! Our ride-on floor scraping machine can power through any floor in no time at all. At only 24 1/2” wide, our machine not only fits through any standard door in a residential setting, but this machine can operate on almost any job site for a full 8-hour day!

  • We can power through removing all flooring types:
  • Carpet/vinyl/rubber/tile removal
  • Ceramic tile removal
  • Poured floors, thinset removal
  • Epoxy coatings removal
Shadows Flooring Prescott AZ Flooring Removal

If you have old flooring to be removed, contact us today to schedule a free estimate!